What we do

Gerbrandy Software is an internationally oriented software company based in Turin (Italy).

We develop data-driven web applications.


Websites, content management systems, e-commerce, SEO. We have experience with the whole trajectory, from helping you formulate your first ideas, implementing a solution, and deploying the results online, and making your website a success.


If your data is messy, we can clean it up. If it is in the wrong format, we can convert it. If it is slow, we can make it faster. If you cannot find it, we can make it accessible.


We have experience with the whole "digitisation pipeline" - from scanning the original paper documents, converting these to digital text, and making the result accessabile.


Projects Past and Present


A product configurator


Communication for Dentists

Biographic Portal

Biographic Portal of the Netherlands

A REST Repository

Access millions of documents


A Research Guide


Publish your digitised documents online

Sejarah Nusantara

Digitising the VOC Archives

ASP Piemonte

Website and CMS

Biographic Dictionary Gelderland

Online Biographies


Dutch-Asiatic Shipping

Voyages between Holland and Indonesia

Provincial Finances

Lots of figures


People we work with

Andrea Carraro

Andrea Carraro

Frontend Development

Silvio Tomatis

Silvio Tomatis

Great Programming



3D Visuals

Giampaolo RodolĂ 

Giampaolo RodolĂ 

fine programming

Jelle Gerbrandy

Jelle Gerbrandy

about me

Marco Chiruzzi

Marco Chiruzzi

Software Development

Our Office

Our Office

is where we work

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Visit us at
Gerbrandy SRL
Via Cesare Battisti 15
10123, Torino
Telephone: 0039-339-1297467
Email: info@gerbrandy.com
VAT number: IT 10118240018
Bank account: IT 67 Q 02008 01055 000100743462
Gerbrandy SRL
via Morazzone 19
10132, Torino