Communication for Dentists

Dottcom is a communication platform for dentists

From the website:

THE WEBSITE - for comunication online.

> CONTENTS: we write them for you.

> IT'S EASY TO USE thanks to a practical content management system you can easily change the home page, add new pages, write on the blog, or add fotos and video.

> SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is included in the fee.


COMMERCIAL CAMPAINS - to comunicate in traditional media

> CREATIVE IDEAS to comunicate in journals, specialized magazines or posters, or inside your practice, in the waiting room or in the operating rooms

> PERSONALIZATION  of our ideas for publicity campaigns with the data of your studio is included in the price.


A GRAPHICAL IDENTITY - To define your brand. 

> PRINTED MATERIAL such as visiting cards, paper headings, appointment notes: we provide you with everything to comunicate with your patients, old or new.