Publish your digitised documents online

The "Page Browser"  is a web application for publishing printed books online. 

Given images of the pages of a book (either in the form of a PDF file or a set of images or files), the PageBrowser transforms the source material in a state-of-the-art web publication. It can do so with a minimum of user input, making the process of publishing digitized material on-line a matter of a few simple steps.

The software includes tools for assigning numbers to each of the pages, ordering the pages. It automatically generates a thumbnails view and full-text search. 


Other ways of accessing the content of the book - for example using a table of contents - can be added by providing strightforward text files in XML.


One of the main features of the software - and the main reason for developing the PageBrowser in the first place - is the possibility to add highly customized "accessors". Accessors allow for customized ways of searching or indexing the content of the books. 


For example, the New Dutch Biographical Dictionary contains a searchable index with the 20.000 names of persons and a searchable list of authors, while the Correspondence of Huygens contains an index of letters that is searchable by author and date.


At the moment, more than 300 volumes have been digitized and published using this software.


The development of the PageBrowser was financed by the Institute for Dutch History. The software was developed in Python and Zope. The web application of the PageBrowser is characterized by a highly optimized AJAX front end that was written using Dojo.


  • Publish digitized material in a few simple steps
  • Automatic indexing for full-text search
  • Automatic generation of thumbnail view
  • Publishes PDF files or images
  • Order and number pages
  • Add Table of Contents or Index by creating XML files
  • Possibility to add custom ways of accessing the material
  • Fast en responsive web application
  • All pages have a unique URL and are bookmarkable
  • Written in Python, Zope and Dojo.
  • Open Source
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